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A few years ago, I cared for a loving boxer named Bozo. He was in the last stage of life because of a large open cancerous lump on his right paw. I researched and learned chemicals we use in household cleaning products and on our lawns, where pets roll around & walk their paws, contain cancer-causing agents. I was even more surprised to learn that the shampoo I used for my dogs contain many of these toxic chemicals as well. I knew I had to make a difference. 

Rachel and Brutus, Southampton NYRachel Grant Furry Kind

So I set out on a mission: to create a pet product made from natural ingredients. But I didn’t want to simply use natural ingredients, I wanted to find the best natural ingredients and that meant visiting farms in the lush islands of my homeland, the Philippines, where those ingredients were grown. After months of testing ingredients from coconut, lemongrass, sunflower and citronella plantations - we developed CocoMutt Shampoo using sustainably harvested natural ingredients.

CocoMutt is a pet shampoo that effectively cleans your pets but safe to their skin and fur, and to your hands, too. It is made of coconut nectar that have natural properties in strengthening, detangling and moisturizing fur. It is also filled with natural vitamins and antioxidants that generally promotes healthier pets. Best of all, CocoMutt bursts with a natural citrus scent that’s far superior to the harsh, synthetic fragrances of pet shampoos currently available.

Your dog loves you unconditionally - that's the best love on earth! So surely your pet deserves the earth's best! CocoMutt by Furry Kind is 100% No Harmful Chemicals. It’s the trusted choice for your pooch!

What's there to sniff about now?
Rachel Grant
Furry Kind co-founder
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What's a social enterprise?

I often get asked - what is a Social Enterprise? The term has been around a while but not everyone is familiar or in a position to appreciate it. A social enterprise is a business model that applies fair and ethical commercial strategies to improve in human and environmental well-being. It puts people and the community first, ahead of private and personal gain. Any profit is primarily reinvested to enhance or further the enterprise’s social goals. Toni Meloto (founding father of Gawad Kalinga - Philippine slum rebuilding scheme) calls social enterprise “enlightened capitalism”.

Social Enterprise helps strengthen and unite a community, reduces crime and allows for a wider sharing of ideas with emphasis on innovation and the green agenda. It offers a win-win opportunity for all and helps cultivate a more peaceful, healthier and happier place and planet.

I became involved with my first social enterprise in the Philippines. Award-winning Human Nature cosmetics is now the Philippines’ largest working social enterprise and a world-class example of social entrepreneurship.

Social Enterprise is simply recognizing a social problem and showing tremendous compassion for others along with a deeper understanding for life and our environment.

It is a call to a flourishing future.