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Rachel Grant is a British, Philippine-born actress, TV host, organization and packing expert, travel writer, award-winning digital producer and social entrepreneur. She is notable for her role as Peaceful in the James Bond film Die Another Day and was the Tour Guide in Bravo's Tour Group. Rachel first appeared on SyFy UK as horror host Nina in their hugely popular Friday night strand Sci-Fright! In 2018 she was made the first Ambassador of Navarrenx and the Béarn region of France.

Rachel has travelled to more than 70 countries and has shared her packing and organization tips on the Rachael Ray Show, Bravo.TV, Hallmark's Home and Family,, and is author of the book “Making a difference” - a collection of stories on inspirational people she has met on her travels. Her award-winning viral video “How to Pack Over 100 items into a Carry-On” was covered by 200+ websites, aired across the globe, was featured on several national TV shows and shared by Oprah, Ashton Kutcher and EllenTube. To date, Rachel's organization and travel videos have accumulating over 100 million views! 

Rachel Grant


Rachel played Bond girl Peaceful Fountains of Desire opposite Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond film Die Another Day. One of her first TV roles was on SyFy as horror hostess Nina in Friday night's Sci-fright, becoming SyFy UK's most watched TV slot. She also appeared as Professor Myang Li in Sky One's popular Brainiac: Science Abuse. She has had roles in theatre and on British TV shows including Emmerdale, Murder in Suburbia, Blue Murder, Star Hyke and Casualty. Other roles include Maria Ronson in the film Until Death with Jean Claude Van Damme and Stephen Rea, and in The Purifiers with Dominic Monaghan.


As a seasoned traveller, Rachel has hosted travel shows onboard Cathy Pacific Airways and is the Tour Guide/Host of TV show Tour Group on Bravo USA. She has written travel articles for various magazines and is a regular contributor of Bravo.TV
In 2012, she was part of the exploration team that "discovered" the uncharted "Angel Cave" in Bani, Philippines. In 2014, Rachel's personal Angel Cave photos went viral and were brought to the attention of the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Angel Cave has since been declared as a Class 1 Cave and is now protected. In 2016, Rachel returned to Angel Cave with a small film crew as part of her 12-part digital series "Fun in the Philippines" which launched in January 2018 on Storia.
In August 2016, Rachel became a viral star after sharing her space-saving tips. She made a 2-minute home video for Shark Tank company Biaggi which featured her own organization methods. "How To Pack Over 100 Items into a Carry-on" was viewed millions of times on release, featured on tv stations across the globe, covered by over 200 websites and was shared by Aston Kutcher, Oprah and TIME magazine. Dubbed "packing queen", Rachel has since won a Shorty Award and has guest-hosted on various TV shows including the Emmy-winning Rachael Ray Show and Hallmark's Home & Family Show.
Rachel Grant
Grant is an aficionado of the martial arts, studying with Grandmaster Dan Inosanto, a renowned student of Bruce Lee. She has appeared on covers of international magazines, filmed demonstrations on historic Asian weaponry, performed stunts in movies and worked as a body double for Angelina Jolie in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.


Compassionate about good causes around the world, Rachel authored the book “Making a Difference” about positive ventures and do-gooders she has encountered on her travels. She dedicates herself to projects with disadvantaged in the Philippines through The Padua Charitable Fund which was co-founded by her mother in 2016. She volunteered in the tragic aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and recently completed the building of a school and typhoon shelter in Bani, Pangasinan, to serve a rural community of 600 typhoon victims.
In 2012 she was invited by Hillary Clinton to Washington DC to attend a private function with the President of the Philippines in recognition of her charity work and achievements.
Rachel Grant


Grant also serves as global ambassador for the Philippines' leading social enterprise Human Nature cosmetics, creating jobs within underprivileged communities in the Philippines. In 2012, inspired by the works of Human Nature, Rachel launched her own eco-friendly pet products line, Furry Kind, in partnership with the firm, promoting good works and good will to animals, humans and the environment. In addition, she designs travel bags for Biaggi luggage who have donated hundreds of bags to needy communities in the Philippines. Her bag designs won her finalist awards at the Home & Houseware's Global Innovation Awards in 2016 and 2017.
Rachel continues to seek new adventures and pursue novel opportunities that combine her zeal for exploring with her generosity of spirit.
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