Tour Group

Take an adventurous trip with Rachel in Bravo's docu-series Tour Group. Along with Sandhurst Miggins and Brandon Presser, Rachel co-leads a diverse and vibrant group of 11 travelers, each searching for the ultimate vacation, while exploring the most exotic destinations on earth.


Travel guru, humanitarian, international beauty queen, British royal, and notable "Bond Girl," Rachel Grant has spent the past decade pursuing her passions, exploring far away lands, and embarking on thrill-seeking excursions in more than 70 countries. Rachel's page at Bravo TV

Rachel's free spirit, fearless nature, and wanderlust mentality have inspired her many entrepreneurial endeavors, philanthropic quests, and globe-trotting adventures. Rachel has organized travel itineraries and tours to such exotic locales as Nicaragua, Indonesia, the Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Belize, and Guatemala. When leading an expedition to an uncharted destination, Rachel encourages travelers to immerse themselves in the heart of the culture and embrace it full force, to experience each new region with all five senses. It's this same philosophy that helped her fall in love with a remote area of the Philippines where she embarked on a philanthropic typhoon shelter project for more than 600 typhoon survivors. When back home in New York, Rachel can be found writing for travel publications, designing new products for a trend-setting luggage line, or promoting her organic pet brand created with sustainably harvested natural ingredients.