Power CouplesBond Girl, Rachel Grant and Shark Tank entrepreneur, Stephen Hersh have traveled the world together carrying lots of luggage, however, it’s only because Hersh is the CEO of Biaggi luggage launched on Shark Tank. Grant, whose family is 2nd cousin to the Queen Elizabeth of London, will fly to Israel for the nuptials inviting members of the Royal family, Shark Tank vets, celebrities, close friends and family.
The Grant Hersh wedding takes place on October 22, 2019 in Jerusalem. The celebrity couple will treat their lucky guests to a 10-day tour through the Holy Land following the wedding. 

The Bride: Rachel Grant (Die Another Day, Tour Group, Starhyke, Hell's Kitchen)

Rachel GrantHaving traveled to more than 70 countries, actress and TV host Rachel Grant (de Longueuil) has been featured on Bravo, Hallmark, Good Morning America and the BBC as an actress, TV host and spokesperson for Biaggi. Biaggi CEO, Stephen Hersh hired Rachel to represent the brand and after she finished the production, he decided not to send her packing. The two began dating in 2012.

After Rachel Grant produced the award-winning viral video “How to Pack Over 100 items in a Carry-On” by Biaggi (shared by Oprah, Ashton Kutcher and 200+ websites), the influencer was named “The Packing Queen” as she continued to work with Biaggi. Her packing videos have been instant hits and accumulated over 150 million views. Rachel Grant has shared her packing tips on the Rachael Ray ShowHome & Family and Good Morning America.

Rachel is also known for her role as the Bond Girl, Peaceful, in the James Bond film, Die Another Day and as the Bravo travel host for the show Tour Group. Not to mention, she has royal blood-- her grandfather, the Baron de Longueuil, is a second cousin of the Queen of England. This will be Rachel Grant’s first wedding.

The Groom: Stephen Hersh (Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank, CNBC)

Rachel and Stephen
In December 2014, Stephen appeared on season 6, episode 11 of ABC’s Shark Tank and introduced his foldable luggage and convinced shark Lori Greiner to invest $500,000 for a 33% stake. Biaggi’s revenue shot from $40,000 in 2014 to $3 million in 2015.
His successful partnership with Greiner brought him back as a guest star on ABC’s Beyond the Tank, a guest on QVC and The Shopping including and he’s been featured in
Forbes, Huffington Post, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.

The couple spends much time volunteering on charitable projects related to childhood education and sustainable enterprise. They both fundraise for their school building projects, including a typhoon shelter in Bani, Philippines, and donate thousands of bags to children in need

Only the Adventurous to attend the Grant Hersh Wedding

The Grant Hersh wedding takes place on the rooftop of the 5-star Mamilla Hotel, which overlooks the Old City of Jerusalem. The 10-day "bucket list" expedition the couple have planned for their lucky guests includes a number of unforgettable highlights: a VIP tour through the ancient Hasmonean aqueduct at the City of David in Jerusalem, the Tower of David's spectacular light show, mud baths at the Dead Sea, a hike up Mount Masada, a visit to the Ein Gedi Reserve in the Judean Desert and a journey deep inside the recently found salt caves of Mount Sodom. The tour ends on the Mediterranean in Tel-Aviv where local food, art, cultural experiences and a visit to Old Jaffa is on the list.

Dany Mizrachi to design the Gown

Rachel Grant gets hitched

Dany Mizrachi who has dressed many celebrities including, Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and industry icon, Irina Shayk. Mizrachi’s works have been worn by many stars, politicians, beauty queens, Hollywood elite and is featured on Dancing With the Stars. Rachel’s family will be wearing traditional Philippine attire and all female guests will receive a full set of exquisite gift of Philippine pearls designed for the event.


For media inquiries about the Grant Hersh wedding or to request exclusive photos from the Grant Hersh wedding party, please contact Heather J. Taylor at 323-839-4488. Photos by Ran Bergman/Revital Events