NEW YORK, NY Rachel Grant as Peaceful(Oct 23, 2015) 
At one point in time it was said that appearing as a Bond Girl would damage an up and coming actress's career, yet A-listers Kim Basinger and Teri Hatcher are among the many Hollywood heavyweights that have proven that urban legend wrong. In fact, Rosamund Pike, who played Miranda Frost in Die Another Day (2002), went on to earn an Academy Award Nomination for Gone Girl. Another Bond Girl from that same 2002 blockbuster film has also been establishing quite a name for herself as well and her journey has taken her far beyond her “Peaceful Fountains of Desire” femme fatale character in the 007 film series. Travel guru, humanitarian, international beauty queen, former Hawaiian Tropic girl and British royal, Rachel Grant has spent the past decade pursuing her passions and embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors.Her latest, a joint venture with her friends at Human Nature, a social enterprise which partners with rural farming communities and works with underserved urban workers to raise the quality of life of the poor in the Philippines, launched just last month. Rachel’s organic creation, Furry Kind, is a genuinely natural pet brand created using sustainably harvested natural ingredients, offering a life-giving alternative to harsh, toxic chemical pet shampoos currently on the market.

Peaceful Fountains School of LearningRachel’s humanitarian efforts extend even further as she recently embarked on a philanthropic project to build a typhoon shelter that doubles as a school for a community of 600 typhoon survivors in a remote area of the Philippines. With a grand opening set for January 30, 2016, the typhoon-proof school will have eco-friendly elements including furniture made from engineered bamboo created by a local livelihood project that Rachel is also supporting. “They actually wanted to name the school after me, but I wasn't keen on that, they insisted so much so that I suggested it be called "Peaceful Fountains School of Learning" so the school is actually named after my Bond character ‘Peaceful Fountains of Desire’ in Die Another Day, but it also suits the name of the village Fountain of Love,” said Rachel.

Despite her jam packed schedule, Rachel’s commitment to her love of film, print and television continues to fuel her pursuit of projects like an upcoming travel show which will debut next year. Rachel also hosted a travel show onboard Cathy Pacific Airways and is even a contributing editor for Travelife magazine, further disproving that age old Bond Girl myth!

To learn more about Rachel Grant’s projects, entrepreneurial endeavors, philanthropic quests or globe-trotting adventures…visit: www.RachelGrant.com

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