Rachel and Rescue Dog KiaNEW YORK, NY (SEPT 20, 2015) – Travel guru, humanitarian, international beauty queen, British royal and notable ‘Bond Girl’, Rachel Grant, has made a pretty big footprint for herself, yet with her latest venture, it’s becoming much more of a paw print. Together with her friends at Human Nature, a social enterprise which partners with rural farming communities and works with underserved urban workers to raise the quality of life of the poor in the Philippines, Rachel and her two pups are excited to launch Furry Kind, a genuinely natural pet brand created using sustainably harvested natural ingredients, offering a life-giving alternative to harsh, toxic chemical pet shampoos currently on the market.

Furry Kind pet lineSurprisingly, over-the-counter pet products still aren’t required to disclose ingredient lists, even those that contain potentially harmful substances. Today’s educated consumers deserve to know what their pets are being exposed to. Not only is Furry Kind the first pet shampoo to use coco nectar, it also contains carefully selected, deftly distilled, and perfectly blended goodness from the lush, tropical islands of the Philippines. “Our products are kind and gentle on both human hands and furry little paws, there are no parabens or other potentially hazardous chemical preservatives. These are ecological products created using sustainably harvested ingredients from plants like coconuts, sugarcane, and lemongrass which grow abundantly in the Philippine islands,” says Rachel, Co-founder of Furry Kind. “We are certified cruelty free by PETA and we’ve recently become a member of the US Natural Products Association.”

Furry KindHuman Nature is a globally recognized trail-blazing social enterprise. It received the prestigious international Schwab Foundation’s Social Entrepreneur Award at the World Economic Forum, and the Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur Award for building an organization that champions social transformation for the marginalized and the poor. Their partnership with Rachel and Furry Kind is another playful leap towards prosperity through successful and sustainable social enterprises and quality natural products.

Of the 7.6 million pets that enter animal shelters each year, only 35% are adopted. The ASPCA has designated the month of October as National Dog Adoption Month in the hopes of heightening awareness of those disheartening statistics and affecting change! In October, Furry Kind will donate a portion of its proceeds from pet care products sold through www.FurryKind.com to benefit the ASPCA.

By Aneisha McMillan
Email: aneisha@PatronusAgency

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